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         When my mother brought home five chicks for my three siblings and I to take care of, I quickly learned and recognized that a little bit of responsibility could lead to great rewards. Chickens were easy to raise, and while each had its own personality, like a dog or cat, they were much easier to care for. The best part about raising our hens is the fresh, healthy benefit of eggs they have provided our family as they grew older. I soon realized that many children never have the opportunity to have a pet, much less one that gives back in so many ways. With the worldwide childhood obesity epidemic continuing to grow, it is more important than ever to find healthy, alternative protein sources. One average chicken egg provides about 100 calories and 6 grams of protein, but not all chicken eggs are created equally. When raising your own chicken, you can choose to have fresh, organic, free range eggs almost daily. My goal is to give other children who might not otherwise have this opportunity the ability to provide their family with a rich protein source, while providing them with the invaluable lessons learned from caring for a pet that continuously gives back. I hope to impact my local community as well as develop similar organizations nationally, and eventually, on the international scale to benefit those who are in most need of companionship and healthy food sources. Thank you for your generous support.                                                 





We strive to provide children the opportunity to care for and bond with chickens. Our mission also promotes environmental awareness, a sense of responsibility, and sustainable living.  This is accomplished by educating children about the benefits of owning the ultimate productive pet- a chicken. By supplying families with all the the necessary resources, (1 chicken, a coop, and informative instruction) we hope to better the world, one child with a chicken at a time.

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