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They're Very Easy to Take Care Of

The only obligations as a chicken owner are to collect eggs daily, fill food and water throughout the week, and change bedding once a month. 

They'll do the Work for You

Not only are free-roaming chickens great at eliminating yard bugs and weeds, but they're also the ideal alternative to lawn mowing and provide a natural lawn fertilizer.

They Make Great Pets

Chickens are known to develop great personalities as well as quality relationships with their owners.  

Why Chickens?

They're Productive

Chickens are often described as being one of nature's finest producers. Unlike other household pets, such as cats and dogs, chickens actually produce edible eggs, which are both nutritious and delicious.       

The 4 easy steps to receiving your very own chicken:

We strive to present children with the experience, companionship, productivity, and joy associated with owning and raising a chicken.